Diploma in Fashion Design Technology Course

The FASHION DESIGN COURSE in Daryaganj & Shashtri Nagar provides a holistic development of generic design, with a direct approach towards apparel. the curriculum helps in sensitizing students towards design and makes them aware of GLOBAL FASHION aesthetics as well as traditional Indian heritage and culture. the development of technical skills within pattern-making, creative cutting, garment construction, surface techniques as well as producing visualizations through drawing, illustration, styling, and computer-aided design are all key to this course. the integrated curriculum encompasses the development of an innovative design approach underpinned by market awareness and industry context.

  • Duration 1 years & 2 Years


The Fashion Design Courses department has been instrumental in bringing about a paradigm shift in design perception of India. It works closely with the fashion industry in order to evolve a unique fashion identity universally relevant and acceptable, for a global audience. The program is strengthened with an increased relevance to the fashion industry in India and with a mission to create a global identity in design.

This program is designed to offer students with an understanding of Fashion Design Courses Skill Needed in Today’s Fashion Industry. To stay at the cutting-edge, students need innovation design skills, familiarity with the global fashion and design scene-plus your own brand of creativity. This course is unique because it combines practical workshops with intellectual studies in design, culture, and technology. 

Holistic inputs on generic design with a focused approach towards apparel inculcate the ability to develop and channelize creativity. The curriculum hones design sensitization, which balances global fashion aesthetics with an Indian soul. it addresses needs of the export market as well as both couture & pre-a porter clothing in India, expanding and categorizing apparel design into niche segments. in tandem with the shifts in the industry where design has become even more significant, the students are trained to anticipate and address relevant concerns and issues. A logical, sequential, hands-on experience enables students to conceptualize designs, make patterns, drape and construct garments of impeccable quality.

Career Paths:

  • Designer/Assistant Designer
  • Pattern Designer
  • Fashion Illustrator
  • Fashion Entrepreneur
  • Costume designer
  • Fashion consultant
  • Personal stylist
  • Technical designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Production pattern maker
  • Fashion coordinator